Lush Diaries

This folder is full of reviews and pictures of lush. lush is always a company that I have loved and I am constantly taking pictures of the bath bombs in action.

Never mind the ballistics bath bomb

I used snow fairy fun and shower gel for the bubbles. this made so many bubbles and made the bath smell amazing. Never mind the ballistics is a Christmas exclusive from 2016. It is yellow with pink bath melt on one half. It fizzes away to reveal a beautiful orange centre. The bath bomb has a lovely citrus/fruity scent that is very long lasting on the skin and it is also super moisturising from the bath melt. I recommend this product is you can get hold of it as it is amazing.

Autumn leaf bath bomb

Autumn leaf is a Halloween/Christmas exclusive from 2016. it is shaped like a leaf and had lots of nice orange, yellow and green colours. it has a very earthy scent which is not my favourite but some people may like a lot. I think it is scented with the grass range however I could be wrong. it doesn't have too many moisturising properties however the nice colours make up for it. I would recommend it for a pretty Instagram picture but not the best in terms of nourishing and scent.

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