Saturday, 14 January 2017

Dear Future Self...

**This post was written for my English homework. I really enjoyed writing this and I thought it was quite a good post idea. Enjoy!!**

Dear Abbie,

Yes, this is your future-self writing to you to give you advice on the future. Pay attention to the information I give you in this letter because these things might help you in the future. These are things that I wish I knew when I was your age but I had to learn them by myself.

The first thing that stayed the same is that your closest friend is still with you. Luckily, Ellie never left your side and is still close to you. However, a few people did leave and went off to find other people which is also completely fine because you did as well. Secondly, your stupid sense of humour hasn’t changed. No matter how stressed or sad you are, you are still able to make silly comments about everything. Don’t ever lose this quality because it makes other around you very happy and keeps you going strong.

A few things have changed since year seven as well. Firstly, you have made lots of new friends and lost lots of friends. People you thought would stay forever didn’t and you made lots of new friends that you didn’t think you ever would! You will go on lots of amazing adventures with these people and it will be amazing. Also, you will have so many amazing opportunities coming your way such as concerts, musicals, book signings and lots more. DO NOT TURN THESE OPPOURTUNITIES DOWN, THEY WILL BE THE BEST THINGS YOU EVER DO! Later in year nine you will be going on a trip to Amsterdam on a school trip with your history teacher.

I have a few pieces of advice for you today. Please take these into consideration as it will prevent you from a lot of stress and unnecessary worry. The advice is :

1.       Let go of negative friends. They will always try to get back to you but I promise you that it’s not worth it. Sometimes your friends are the source of your sadness and you need to back away from them.

2.       Don’t give up on something you truly want. When I started to learn guitar (YES YOU FINALLY DID IT!) I wanted to give up so many times. This is the worst thing you can do and it will just make you feel awful about yourself.

3.       Appreciate the people who care about you. There are many people who care about you such as your friends and family. You need to make sure you care and appreciate them the way they care and appreciate you.

4.       Don’t procrastinate doing homework. Believe me when I say this but you cannot finish almost three homework projects in a week. Believe me I tried but it will only get you stressed out.

5.       Let your talents shine through. Don’t shy away from showing off the work you can do just because you are worried about the criticism. Get up on stage and shine!

That’s all I must say for now. You are going to have a great time in school (with a few slip ups) but I hope you excel well. Remember all these tips I gave you as they will really help you in the future.

Love from…your future self xx

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  1. I loved this post, Abbie! Letting go of negative friends is something I am struggling with. It's really hard. I also struggle with appreciating the people who care for me most. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I take them for granted. Lovely post! xx