Monday, 5 December 2016

Blogmas Day 5: Christmas Q&A

Hey Guys,
Welcome back to the blog I am actually using properly now! Today's blogmas post is a Q&A. I asked my Instagram and twitter followers to give me some questions for a youtube and blog Q&A. The video will hopefully be up sometime in the next week. I will also tag the people who commented the questions as they helped this blog post be created. LETS GO!

Q1- What is your favourite thing to do at Christmas?
This is so difficult one because I love so many things about Christmas but I love decorating the house and buying presents for people. it always gets me so excited to see their reaction to the gift.

Q2- Pringle or chocolate?
I don't see how it's related to Christmas but I love food ok? Pringles, because after a while I feel sick of chocolate but I could eat Pringles for days and I feel fine.

Q3- Out n the snow or cosy by the fire?
This one is also very difficult however I would probably say cosy by the fire because it is so warm and nice with hot chocolate and baggy jumpers. Like seriously? Who doesn't want that?

Q4- Mariah Carey or Wizard?
Mariah Carey is such a classic however I love the music video for the Wizard song. One of the girls reminds me of one of my primary school best friends and me and my Mum laugh at it every year.

Q5- Giving presents or getting presents - be honest!
In all seriousness I love to give presents. like I said earlier I love to see the persons reaction however I hate when people watch me opening presents. it is always so daunting and scary as I never know how to react to things.

Q6- Are you good at wrapping presents?
Yes! Every year my Dad makes me and my sister wrap up some presents for him. My sister is absolutely awful at wrapping so I end up doing it all by myself.

Q7- What is your favourite Christmas memory?
There were so many to choose from but I always remember Christmas at the Hilton hotel. we had such a good time down there. I woke up to hear my Parents and my Grandad moving presents around the room and hat year I got my first laptop. It was a tiny pink laptop but I love it. I have pictures on my camera so I may do a whole blog post on a past Christmas and include them.

Q8- Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?
Yes I do. Me and my Sis usually get PJ's and hot chocolate on Christmas Eve to chill out with that night. however, we do not get our other presents until Christmas Day.

Q9- Favourite Christmas movie?
I used to really like Elf (don't get me wrong I still think it's cool) but I just got bored of it over the years. My favourite Christmas movie now is called "Let It Snow". It's about a girl who goes to close a ski lodge centre down. However after falling in love with one of the owners she confronts her Dad and get's fired for doing the job wrong. She learns the true meaning of Christmas and finds her one true love.

Q10- Have you ever had a white Christmas?
Sadly not...

Q11- Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
For the whole life, we have had a fake tree. However maybe we will get a real one this year. Who knows?

Thank you guys for reading once again, let me know what you would like to see next. Bye xx

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