Sunday, 4 December 2016

Blogmas Day 4: pinterest Gifts For Her

Hey Guys,
Today is blogmas day 4!! I am absolutely loving to post everyday on here. I always forget just how much I love to blog. Todays post is "Pintrest Gifts for Her". Please keep in mind these could be used for men as well however I just feel as though they are more female ideas. a few are completely unisex but I just had to include them. A little disclaimer, these photos are not mine, the photos were taken from peoples pintrest boards.

Pamper Pack
I have wanted to do this one for years but I have never done it. Maybe this year I will! it is a pamper pack. All you will need is some chocolate nail polish, body lotion, lush products, lipbalm etc. You will also need something to put it in, this could be a jar or in this case slippers. I know I would love it if someone gave me this for Christmas. Of course you can totally customise it to fit the person you are gifting it to. maybe include some alcohol if they are above the legal drinking age.
Gift Idea | Unique And Cute Craft Ideas For Your Girlfriend Or Wife Perfect For Valentines Day by DIY Ready at
Homemade Candles
There is no doubt about it, candles are the most calming comforting this in the world. Well maybe not the whole world but you get what I mean. Why not try making a candle for your loved one? personally I do not know how to make candles but pintrest has a tone of cool recipes. If you wanted to spend a day with your friend, you could make candles together. Making a candle yourself means you can make it look pretty by using their favourite colours and you can choose a scent they would love.
DIY Peppermint Candles - you won't believe how easy it is to make your own mason jar candles! These make a great Christmas gift idea!: Fill your home with wonderful aromas by making these DIY scented mason jar candles. Is this going to be your next project?:

Compilation CD
This one is for all the music lover is your life *like me*. Try making your own compilation CD filled with your friend family members favourite tracks. If you have any songs that mean a lot to you and them then add those. I love this one so much as you can completely customise it. I think it means a lot more than just buying them a CD.
I remember when these were mixtapes....same thing, This generation just don't have to flip a tape over halfway through.:

Room D├ęcor
Let's be honest, GIRLS LOVE ROOM DECOR! Why not make your friend a piece of wall art of cure storage for their room. the good thing about this is you can choose a colour theme that fits their bedroom. Also, there are so many things you could make for them, here are some ideas:
Water colour lettering using alphabet die cutters, water colour paints, card and post it notes,: Easy Craft Ideas | DIY Gifts For Teens to Make | DIY Marbled Clay Dish | DIY Projects & Crafts by DIY JOY at diy yarn balls                                                                                                                                                      More:

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