Saturday, 24 December 2016

Blogmas Day 24: Feeling Super festive (and sad)

Hey guys,
Today's post is the last post of blogmas 2016. I have had so much fun writing up posts and chatting to you guys about Christmas and stuff. Blogmas has really helped me use my blog more often as over the course of this year, I didn't really use my blog much. I only had about 4-5 posts on my blog before blogmas. Doing this has also helped me connect with other bloggers. I have made a blogger friend called charlotte. She is so sweet and we exchanged letters for Christmas so please check her out. Thank you for all your support with blogmas, I really appreciate it.

Right now I am feeling super festive because like CHRISTMAS IS TOMORROW. My mum was wrapping presents yesterday and we made some mixed spice cookies. I blogged about that yesterday and filmed it for my youtube channel. Today we are preparing a lot of food for the dinner tomorrow. A few days ago my parents put up a lot of lights around the house and made the whole house very cosy. Everything is ready and now I just can't wait for Christmas day.

I'm a awful daughter because all day I've been torturing my Mum about the presents. she got a few last minute presents and I tried to steal the bag off her to look inside. Yesterday when she was wrapping presents, I kept on trying to get into her room. She has been getting so annoyed at me. I think it's so funny to be honest.

If you want some videos to get you ready for tomorrow then click here to watch my Christmas playlist. I also have a chirstmas music playlist on blogmas day 1 and my youtube. there will still be a few more Christmas related posts and videos after tomorrow so keep and eye out for those. Thanks so much for reading the whole of my blogmas series I really appreciate it. Let me know if you have any video or post ideas in the comments below. Bye xx

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