Thursday, 22 December 2016

Blogmas Day 22: So White Bath Demo And Review

Hey guys,
Today's post is a blog post relating to my youtube video. Yesterday I uploaded a bath demo of so white by lush cosmetics. It was so pretty and I got a few nice pictures. It's no secret that I am a bit of a lush addict so I thought this would be a good post idea.  I will also talk about the scent and benefits of the product. I added a video at the end. I hope it works because I have never used a video on my blog before. If it doesn't, go check out my youtube to find it. I hope you enjoy.

So white is from the lush limited edition Christmas range which is why I thought I would include it in blogmas. It has been out for quite a few years and is definitely a favourite amongst lush fans. The scent is one of my favourite lush scents. APPLE! The scent is so refreshing and comforting and lovely. The colours are also really beautiful. it is white on the outside with an emerald sea inside. A few years back it used to be completely white then last year it turned pink in the centre. now it is green and I think that is my favourite one. As all lush products are, it was very soft and moisturising. Overall I am very impressed with this bath bomb.

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