Thursday, 22 December 2016

Blogmas Day 21: Last Minute pinterest Gifts

Hey guys,
Welcome back to blogmas day 21. At this point in the month you're probably thinking "Oh crap! I forgot to get this persons gifts". Don't worry, I got you covered because today's post is all about last minute gifts. Once again all the inspiration is from pinterest and none of the pictures are my All credit goes to the rightful owners. I really hope that his post helps you find a quick and easy gift idea for your friends. Also, a lot of these can be made in bulk so it is easy if you have a big friendship group to buy for.

Hot chocolate spoons
I made these for my friends this year and they all loved them. They are really easy and make a lot so it is good if you have a big friendship group. The recipe I used was:
  • melt 400g of milk chocolate and 400g of dark chocolate
  • add 8 tablespoons of cocoa powder to the chocolate mix
  • put into moulds and add a small wooden spoon (you can find these in Asdas for really cheap)
  • add chcolate chips/ marshmallows/ nuts to the top
  • leave to fully chill in the fridge
  • remove from mould
  • package up in cellophane bags

Open when...letters
Last year my friend Chloe made me and all her oher friends these letters that you open when you are feeling a certain way. It was so sweet and I thought it was a really nice idea. This is a nice last minute gift idea and it shows your friend how much you care about them. Here are a few things you could do:
  • open when... you are insecure
  • open when... you accomplish your dream
  • open when... you are sad
  • open when... you are anxious
  • open when... you are happy
  • open when... we fall out
Subscription box
This one is super easy as someone else is basically doing the work for you. Go online and search up a subscription box that your person may like. You can select the length of time you have the subscription for depending on your budget.

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