Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Blogmas Day 18: HALF TERM BREAK!!

Hey people,
Welcome black to blogmas day 18. I am hopefully going to get all three posts written up tonight so that I am on track but no promises. they will be done by tomorrow though. Who else is sad that blogmas is almost over? There are only six or seven days left of blogmas and I am really sad because I am enjoying to talk about Christmas so much.

However, I am also really excited because today was the last day of term. That means I am officially of school for two weeks and I can film lots of videos and write lots of blog posts. After such a stressful seven weeks, I am very happy that I can finally rest ad not be stressed about exams and homework deadlines.

There are so many things that I want to do before going back to school and not enough time to do it. maybe I should make a "Bucket List" and tick them off as I go through the month. the + is a tick btw.

  • go ice-skating
  • go boxing day sale shopping   +
  • bake   +
  • make the best hot chocolate   +
  • visit a Christmas market   +
  • complete blogmas   +
  • film 5 Christmas related videos on youtube   +
  • have a pamper evening   +
  • film a bath demo   +
  • vlog
  • write and receive a penpal letter
  • read a new book   +
  • meet up with a group of friends   +
  • have fun
  • Don't stress
  • watch a Christmas movie   +

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