Sunday, 18 December 2016

Blogmas Day 16: Easy Pinterest Kids DIY's

Hey Guys and Gals,
Yes I still haven't caught up on blog posts. I have 3 more to write today so hopefully they will be finished by tonight. Today's post is another Pinterest DIY post. I really enjoyed searching and even making some of the DIY's from my last Pinterest post. Maybe this can becomes a little series? Also none of the pictures are mine and all credit goes to the rightful owners and creators. If you would like to check out my kids craft Pinterest board then click here.

Snowmen pegs
This DIY is cute as an organisation piece in a child's bedroom. All you have to do is paint washing pegs with white paint and then draw on faces to look like little snowmen. You can use pompoms or knit little scarves (or just a little string) for them to.

Pine cone trees
This DIY can be used to decorate any room or even make a whole scenery out of it. you could als attach ribbon to it so it becomes a tree decoration. All you need to do is find some pine cones and paint them green. Then add sequins, glitter and pompoms to your liking.

Christmas pudding oreos
I had to include something food related here and this one is so cute and easy. CHRISTMAS PUDDING OREOS! All you have to do is dip the top of an oreo in icing then decorate with holly and berry sprinkles.
Scrap ribbon tree ornament
Finally we have one which is a great way to save scraps of ribbon and other fabrics. All you have to do is tie scraps of green and brown ribbon around a twig. Make sure the bottom pieces are bigger than the top pieces so it looks more like a tree. Add string to the top to make it into a chrsitmas tree ornament.

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