Friday, 16 December 2016

Blogmas Day 14: A Good Christmas Deed


Hey Guys and Gals,
Welcome back to my blog. I am sorry for not blogging for 2 days! I have been so stressed out and school has been my priority at the moment. Today's post is all about how to do a good deed this Christmas. I am doing one of these this year to help people who are not as fortunate as me. YOU SHOULD TO!

A Box of Christmas Spirit
I am doing this one! This is basically where you fill a box with food, wash items, clothing, blankets and toys and take it too a homeless shelter or women's refuge centre. I was going to do this last year but I never got the chance so this weekend I will go out and buy some thing to take to the women's refuge. You could take 1 pack of mince pies down or a big box full of wash supplies. it doesn't matter how much as long as you are helping out in some way.

Invite A Lonely Elder To Dinner
If there is somebody on your street who will not be celebrating Christmas with anyone this year, invite them to your house for a roast dinner and a cheesy Christmas film. It will show them that they are loved and will make them feel wanted for something.

Treat A Friend
This one is super easy do. Invite a few friends round for a pizza and hot chocolate. Put on some Christmas music and dance around. You can enjoy yourself  while treating your friends and getting them in the Christmas spirit.

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