Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Blogmas Day 13: My New Years Resolutions

Hey Guys and Gals,
We are just over half way through blogmas and I am slowly running out of ideas. It would really help me out if you commented some Christmas/ new years blog ideas down below. Today's post is all about my new years resolutions. I tried to set realistic goals because I never achieve them.

My first resolution is to be more vocal in class and not be afraid to share my ideas. I always have great opinions and answers in class however I don't like to saw them out loud. My teachers agree on this and they told me at my parent's evening.

My second resolution is kind of similar. I want to not be scared to talk to people outside of my friend group. A lot of the time, I get scared to speak to the more "popular, louder" kids in the class because I am afraid of getting rejected.

My third resolution is to blog more often. This year was when I set up my blog and I haven't really used it much. I have only started using it often because of blogmas however in 2017 I would like to blog at least one a week (as well as a weekly video on youtube). I enjoy blogging so much so it would be great to blog more often.
My next resolution is to read at least 3 of the Harry Potter books. I have never read any of them and I have wanted to for ages. As I am a slow reader I thought that 3 was a reasonable target. Obviously if I don't like the first book then I probably won't continue to read them but I probably will like them. Also I took the pottermore quiz (I'm a Ravenclaw).

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Another conclusion of mine is to learn barre chords on guitar. Barre chords are probably the most difficult chords you can get on guitar. As well as this, I want to becomes more confident on other instruments such as bass and ukulele.
My last resolution for now is to not procrastinate doing my homework or revision. Recently I have been very bad at procrastination. I have had maths homework for ages that I have procrastinated doing. I have also had lots of other homework so it's really bad for me at the moment.

Thank you once again for reading my post. Comment down below and remember to +1 this post. Bye xx

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