Monday, 12 December 2016

Blogmas Day 12: Things That Need To Stop In 2017

Hey Guys and Gals,
Welcome back to blogmas where I blog every day for 24 days in the month of December. Today's post is more of a serious post where I talk about the things I wish would stop in 2017. Don't get me wrong, 2016 has been a good year for me but there has been so much hatred and horrible things going round that I want to put to an end in 2017. I would love to hear your opinion and I would love to discuss some of these matters with you in the comments so get commenting! I'm not going to waste any more time so let's get on with it.

Homophobia and Transphobia
Honestly, I shouldn't have to write about homophobia being an issues in 2016 BUT IT IS! It honestly makes me so mad that homophobia is still around nowadays. My close friend was in a situation when starting year nine when a boy in our year punched him and called him gay. HE'S STRAIGHT AS WELL! He has had to go to our pupil support managers at school to discuss a punishment for him. Luckily, it has almost completely stopped. also, today as I walked home from school some pathetic year seven kid was calling me and my friends gay as an insult. I shouted so much at him. I suggest that even if you're straight, you should educate yourself on different sexual, romantic and gender identities so that you can accept everyone.

The use of disabilities and mental illness to show emotion
That probably seems really confusing and all but just let me explain myself. People use different mental illnesses and disabilities to explain how they are feeling or sometimes they just make fun of it for no reason. I will admit I sometimes say these things by accident but very rarely. I know people who do it all the time and it is not good. I believe saying you feel anxious is ok because being anxious is an emotion that everybody can feel but saying you are depressed is not ok because you are just sad. People actually suffer from depression and it is not a good thing.If you still don't understand what I mean just look at these examples:

- "Honestly I have been so depressed lately".
- "My mum has been shouting at me, she's being so bipolar".
- "That kid in my English class is such a retard".

Like I said people sometimes do slip up (even me) and if I do I only ever say the depressed one I would never call someone a retard after researching it a few years back. People have to face disability and illness everyday of their lives so it isn't fair if we go around making jokes about it. Please just think before you speak.

unrealistic body image
This is going to be the last point I make for now because some topics I don't think I am the best person to talk about them. The last point is all about how society has give people an unrealistic body image. Many people think that this only applies to women however men also have a hard time with body image in lots of cases. There are many websites, apps, pictures and videos that sll show unrealistic expectations for people. If somebody saw a picture of a super fit and skinny model they will start to become very insecure in themselves. However it can also work the other way. If a skinny girl sees a picture of a girl with a nice butt and nice boobs then they may feel insecure as well. I believe the media needs to show more body types in their magasines and TV shows in order to prevent this from happening. I love the dove adverts because it shows woment of all heights, weights and skin colours. More companies need to be like them.

Thank you guys for readin once again. This post is a more serious post so if you would like a more upbeat post then I have many more on my blog to offer. Comment down below and share this post to get the message out. Bye xx

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