Thursday, 1 December 2016

Blogmas Day 1: My Winter and Christmas playlists

hey guys,

I am so excited to finally start Blogmas 2016. once again I have to apologise for not posting on here. currently I have a lot going on at school so it has not been easy to keep up with blogging. I am still quite active on my youtube channel is you want to check it out.
For my first post I thought I would share my winter and Christmas playlists. I tried to include many different genres and styles of songs. I hope you find some new favourite music from this video. My winter playlist has no Christmas songs but more cosy and comforting songs that really relax me. then my Christmas playlist contains all my favourite Christmas tracks.
Music is my passion so writing a post on it is something I have been looking forward to doing. also I thought that I should get you in the Christmas spirit with music quickly.

Winter playlist:

Christmas playlist:
Thanks for reading the first post of Blogmas 2016. This actually took me forever to make. If you have any other ideas of songs I should put on these lists, please tweet me or comment on my Instagram/youtube pages. Also, I am having teeth out tomorrow which I am terrified for so if I don't get a post up I hope you understand. Thanks for reading xx

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