Sunday, 19 June 2016

Lush Golden Wonder And Pop In The Bath demo

hey guys,
I decided while I was filling my lush bath with the goodies I would take some pictures and video clips for a new blog post. Woop! so here are the pictures that I took and there may be a video at the end I'm not sure yet. lets get started.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

favorite panic! at the disco songs

Hey Guys,

Over the last few months I have been loving the band, panic! at the disco. I am soon going to see them in concert as I absolutely love them. Today I am going to share with you my favourite songs from all of panic!'s albums. Please bear in mind I have not yet listened to all of their songs so maybe after on this will change and I will do an updated one or something. Let me know on my youtube channel "life of Abbie Jenkins" or in the comments some of your panic! song suggestions because I would love some new songs to listen to. If I know the meanings of the songs I will tell you and also what I like about the songs. these songs are not in order but later on I may change it. Ok I'm rambling too much I'm sorry, lets get started.

this is gospel

I have lots of memories with this song as I performed it with my old friends in a talent show. This is gospel is the first song on the album "too weird to live, too rare to die!" panic!'s fourth album. People get confused by the lyrics to this song and I have to constantly explain the meaning of it (or at least what I think it means). To me the lyrics means people are pushing him down and the word they say "often leave scars", however later on in the song he goes on to say "but I won't give up without a fight". These lyrics mean that no matter how hard they try they cannot stop him and cannot bring him down. This song is so powerful and was one of the first songs I heard by panic! along with hallelujah and I write sins not tragedies.


This song is on the album "too weird to live, too rare to die" and it shows the struggles bisexual people have to go through. The song is all about a girl who is trying to hide the fact that she is bisexual. The lyrics "you've got to save your reputation" shows that she is worried about being judged if she comes out. The lyrics "love is not a choice" shows that you can love who you love its not your choice to be bi/gay/lesbian/asexual +.

miss Jackson

This song is once again on the amazing album "too weird to live, too rare to die" and it is all about a girl who cheated on Brendon, the lead singer, for all of his friends (which he said before performing the song live). It is a very powerful song. I can understand not everyone will like this song but I am obsessed with it. This song features LOLO (an American singer and actor).


This song is on panic!'s newst album "death of a Batchelor". This was the first panic! song I heard and REALLY liked. it was suggested by a youtuber (life of a geek teen) and I was instantly hooked. So thank you Isabel for your amazing suggestion, you should all go subscribe to her. This song is very upbeat and great to dance around to. Again I have a good memory from this song so it had to be included on my list.


How could I not include this song on my list? It is the first track on the album "death of a Batchelor". its so upbeat and fun I cannot wait to see this live in November. The lyrics just get everyone in a good mood and the parts of saxophone really add something to the song. Not to mention the amazing music video to go along with it.

death of a Batchelor

This song is obviously from panic!'s newest album "death of a Batchelor" however it has a very different sound to the other songs on the album. When showing this to my mum she said it has a Frank Sinatra sound to it, which is not surprising considering Brendon has a Frank tattoo. The black and white simple video compliments this song amazingly. Once again I cannot wait to see this live.

House of memories

this song was suggested to me by my good friend Cat from the channel "diary of a girl named cat"
and it is on the album "death of a Batchelor". The song is very low key but the audio and lyrics are amazing. It say "baby we built this house of memories" meaning whoever the song is about shares a lot of memories with Brendon. It then goes on to say "promise me a place in your house of memories" meaning he wants that person to remember all the memories they have shared together.

Ballad of Mona Lisa

This is the final song of my list and I am loving it at the moment. It is from panic!'s third album "vices and virtues" (I hope I spelled that right).The song I think has a lot more drum sounds in it which I love. The video is also very different as it has a steam punk vibe to it. There is just something different about this song that I love and I'm not to sure what.

that competes my list of my favorite Panic! at the disco songs. please leave some suggestions down below I would love to hear what songs you love. Thank you for reading this post, sorry it was kind of long. I will see you either on my blog or youtube very soon.

bye guys xx