Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Internet Safety Day!

Hey guys,
Welcome back to my blog. Today is a very important day as it could help spread awareness and keep people safe. INTERNET SAFETY DAY! It is very important for me to write about this today as too many people are being attacked online. For today's post I will be discussing some key points to keep you and other people safe online.

1. Don't post your personal information online. Sharing your town, school and address can put you and other in danger. Unfortunately, there are people online who are willing to turn up at your school once finding out information. also, be careful when posting pictures from school that your logo is not shown in the picture.

2. Private your account (or at least manage it). I suggest keeping any personal accounts private on Instagram because this is where private information is likely shown. If you have a business/ youtube page then it is okay to keep it public. However, be sure to manage who is viewing and following your page.

3. Communicating is a great thing to do online and you can meet so many great people. I met some great people on blogger group chats such as Charlotte, Clare, Frances and lots more. However, you also have to be careful about who you are communicating with. Make sure you know that they are genuine and not pretending to be someone else.

4. Have fun! Although you have to be safe online, remember to have fun doing whatever you are doing. Connect with people (that you trust), learn more about the world and share your ideas.

Thank you for reading and I hope you take these points into consideration. Bye xx

Monday, 6 February 2017

What is "The Lush Diaries"?

Hey guys,
sorry that I was gone for such a long time but I honestly just forgot completely about blogging. If you are one of my internet friend please remind me to blog more often. Thanks.

 I just came on here to explain a new "project" on my blog. You may (or may not)  have noticed the new tab at the top of my blog called The Lush Diaries. This is basically where I will be posting all about lush.

I always take photos of my lush products and I wanted somewhere on my blog to talk about them and share them. It also means that if I do not have time to write a full post, I can just write a short bath product review on there.

Let me know if there are any specific products you would like to see reviews on and I will try to get those finished. If I am not active on here then I'm sorry but keep checking the lush page to see if it has been updated. I hope you enjoy the page and hearing my opinions.

Abbie Jenkins (LOAJ) xx

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Dear Future Self...

**This post was written for my English homework. I really enjoyed writing this and I thought it was quite a good post idea. Enjoy!!**

Dear Abbie,

Yes, this is your future-self writing to you to give you advice on the future. Pay attention to the information I give you in this letter because these things might help you in the future. These are things that I wish I knew when I was your age but I had to learn them by myself.

The first thing that stayed the same is that your closest friend is still with you. Luckily, Ellie never left your side and is still close to you. However, a few people did leave and went off to find other people which is also completely fine because you did as well. Secondly, your stupid sense of humour hasn’t changed. No matter how stressed or sad you are, you are still able to make silly comments about everything. Don’t ever lose this quality because it makes other around you very happy and keeps you going strong.

A few things have changed since year seven as well. Firstly, you have made lots of new friends and lost lots of friends. People you thought would stay forever didn’t and you made lots of new friends that you didn’t think you ever would! You will go on lots of amazing adventures with these people and it will be amazing. Also, you will have so many amazing opportunities coming your way such as concerts, musicals, book signings and lots more. DO NOT TURN THESE OPPOURTUNITIES DOWN, THEY WILL BE THE BEST THINGS YOU EVER DO! Later in year nine you will be going on a trip to Amsterdam on a school trip with your history teacher.

I have a few pieces of advice for you today. Please take these into consideration as it will prevent you from a lot of stress and unnecessary worry. The advice is :

1.       Let go of negative friends. They will always try to get back to you but I promise you that it’s not worth it. Sometimes your friends are the source of your sadness and you need to back away from them.

2.       Don’t give up on something you truly want. When I started to learn guitar (YES YOU FINALLY DID IT!) I wanted to give up so many times. This is the worst thing you can do and it will just make you feel awful about yourself.

3.       Appreciate the people who care about you. There are many people who care about you such as your friends and family. You need to make sure you care and appreciate them the way they care and appreciate you.

4.       Don’t procrastinate doing homework. Believe me when I say this but you cannot finish almost three homework projects in a week. Believe me I tried but it will only get you stressed out.

5.       Let your talents shine through. Don’t shy away from showing off the work you can do just because you are worried about the criticism. Get up on stage and shine!

That’s all I must say for now. You are going to have a great time in school (with a few slip ups) but I hope you excel well. Remember all these tips I gave you as they will really help you in the future.

Love from…your future self xx

Monday, 2 January 2017

Top 5 Melanie Martinez Songs

Hey guys,
Welcome back to my blog. As you may or may nor know, I am a huge music lover! I absolutely love to listen to new music and to share my passion with other people. Today's post is my top 5 Melanie Martinez songs. Melanie is becoming a lot more popular now and I love her music so much. I hope you listen to some of the songs on this list.

Mrs. Potato Head
The music video for this song came out a few weeks ago and I was so excited as it is probably my favourite Mel song of all time. It is all about plastic surgery and how dangerous it can really be. She really spreads the message that surgery is not the way to go and you are perfect just the way you are. Also, it is super catchy and I am always humming it in my school corridors.
Pity Party
Yes, I know this is one of the mainstream songs but I just love it so much. It is a real party tune that anyone can sing along to. Most people probably know the chorus because it has lyrics from Lesley Gore. It has a super upbeat and catchy beat.
I think this was the second song I heard of Melanie's and it is definestly one of my favourites. I actually dedicated a page of my new journal to this song. It talks about how she was stuck in love and that she couldn't escape even though he hurt her. This song was so good it was used in AHS "Freakshow". The video has a very creepy fairground theme.
This was the first song that Melanie ever released and also the first one that I heard. It is all about how people think her life and family is perfect and how people never see the full story. The chorus is super catchy and easy to learn.
My final song is SOAP. This song is one of my favourites and to be honest I don't have a reason for it. I think it kind of expresses how I feel - Not wanting to say or do things out of the fear of being embarrassed. This song is so well done and many can relate to it.
Thanks for reading my list. Please comment any other artists I should do this with. Also thanks for all the support with my blog recently, it means a lot. Have a good night. Bye xx

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Girl Online Series Review!

Hey guys,
Welcome back to my blog! This is my second post of today *aren't you lucky*. This post is a review on the Girl Online book series. I am trying to add more variety to both my blog and youtube channel, so I thought this would be a cool idea. Also, one of my resolutions for 2017 was to read more often and I have already finished two books since Christmas Eve. So, I don't really know how to go about writing a book review but I think I will write individual reviews and then an overall summary. Also, I am not giving anymore information away than what is in the blurb of the book so you don't have to worry about spoilers.

Girl Online
The story is in the perspective of a girl battling severe anxiety and panic attacks. Her name is Penny Porter and she runs a blog *YAY* called "Girl Online". This is where she shared all of her feeling and anonymously shares stories about her life. She goes on a trip to NY with her family and falls in love with Noah Flynn. Noah is a stunning guitarist who lives in America. She falls in love with him and shares all of her dates and stories on her blog. Everything is fine until Penny discovers his hidden secret that could ruin everything they ever had.

It is very difficult to pick a favourite from the series but I think this one might be it. There is a lot of romance and boy drama as well as friend drama and a bit of knowledge on anxiety and mental illness. In this book you learn a lot about her personalities and passion. Penny is a really loveable character and I instantly connected with her and her emotions. I also fell in love with Noah AKA "Brooklyn Boy" and her best friend Elliot AKA "Wiki". Zoe has done an amazing job at making super loveable characters (as well as a few that you cannot stand).
Girl Online : On tour
At the beginning of this book Penny goes on tour with her rock boyfriend Noah Flynn. however she soon notices the struggle of being on tour as Noah has no time for Penny, His band mates are not very nice and she is getting lots and lots of hate. The story is about whether Penny will be able to keep balance of their relationship and her own life.

I literally read this book in four days and I never put it down. I can really connect with Noah on this book as I am a bit of a music geek myself. It is a really heart breaking story as you can see both people struggling to make things work. Will it all pay off in the end?

Girl Online: Going Solo
Penny begins to move on from the tour and starts to focus her energy into her photography work. She goes to visit Megan's new drama school and meets a new boy called Callum. She is trying to help other people in order to distract herself but how will she cope when she cannot stop thinking about where Noah Flynn has gone?

I love this book because there are so many unexpected moments that just make you want to read on. It was a real page turner. There is a lot of friendship trouble and boy drama in this book. She also gives amazing advice on how to cope with anxiety and panic attacks.

Thanks a lot for reading my blog post today. I promise to keep on posting on here throughout the course of 2017. Bye xx

My Memories Of 2016!

Hey guys,
So this is my first post back after blogmas. I am so proud of myself for using my blog a lot more lately and hopefully I will continue to write in 2017. What posts would you like to see me do? Comment down below. Today's post is about all the amazing memories I have made in 2016.

In 2016 I went to see three musicals. I went to go and see The Lion King and Wicked with my school's drama department. A lot of my friends went to so it was really fun for all of us. Before watching The Lion King, we went to Covent Garden and watched some cool bands and artists perform. When we went to wicked we just hung I out at the Victoria Station food court/ My Mum took me to see Hairspray at the Marlowe Theatre and I loved it.

"Voice In A Million" AKA "VIAM" is a show where schools come together and create a performance. We were given a list of song to learn and we went there to perform them. It was such a great atmosphere in Wembley. Everyone was standing up dancing and singing. Then Bars And Melody came out and performed one of their songs. I knew all the words and I was almost in floods of tears. We didn't get back home until 12:30pm but I don't care because it was such a great experience for all of us who took part.

Talent Show
Yes, I did perform in my school talent show this year. Me, Chloe, Hollie and Sam went up infront of a lot of people and performed "This is gospel" by Panic! At The Disco. Unfortunetly, we did not get through to the final round. But, do I regret it? NO! It really helped boost my confidence and it helped me gain a lot more control over my stage fright.

Meeting Up With An Old Friend

Me and Ellie decided we were going to spend the day with one of our primary school friends. She left to go to a different school and I only got to see her on the rare occasion. We met up again and went shopping at Bluewater. We took photos in the urban outfitter booths and I vlogged the intire thing. Go check out the vlog on my Youtube channel.

This is probably my biggest accomplishment of 2016. I learnt to play the guitar! I have wanted to learn for years but teachers never worked for me so...I taught myself. My goal for 2017 is to learn barre chords as they are a lot more difficult to play. But, so far I am happy with what I can play and I am now confident enough to play my guitar up on stage and on the internet.
Race For Life
This year I took part in Cancer research's "Race For Life". This was my third year participating in this event. My Mum and Sister also took part with me. It was such a good day and I am so happy that I made a change to people's lives.
Meeting Tanya Burr
I am not going to talk to much about this one because I videoed the whole day and blogged about it a few months ago. Me, Ellie and Gracie went to the Tanya Bakes signing in London. It was such a good day so click here to watch it or click here to read about it.

That's all for today's post. Thank you for reading my first post of 2017 and I hope all of you have an amazing year. Bye xx

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Blogmas Day 24: Feeling Super festive (and sad)

Hey guys,
Today's post is the last post of blogmas 2016. I have had so much fun writing up posts and chatting to you guys about Christmas and stuff. Blogmas has really helped me use my blog more often as over the course of this year, I didn't really use my blog much. I only had about 4-5 posts on my blog before blogmas. Doing this has also helped me connect with other bloggers. I have made a blogger friend called charlotte. She is so sweet and we exchanged letters for Christmas so please check her out. Thank you for all your support with blogmas, I really appreciate it.

Right now I am feeling super festive because like CHRISTMAS IS TOMORROW. My mum was wrapping presents yesterday and we made some mixed spice cookies. I blogged about that yesterday and filmed it for my youtube channel. Today we are preparing a lot of food for the dinner tomorrow. A few days ago my parents put up a lot of lights around the house and made the whole house very cosy. Everything is ready and now I just can't wait for Christmas day.

I'm a awful daughter because all day I've been torturing my Mum about the presents. she got a few last minute presents and I tried to steal the bag off her to look inside. Yesterday when she was wrapping presents, I kept on trying to get into her room. She has been getting so annoyed at me. I think it's so funny to be honest.

If you want some videos to get you ready for tomorrow then click here to watch my Christmas playlist. I also have a chirstmas music playlist on blogmas day 1 and my youtube. there will still be a few more Christmas related posts and videos after tomorrow so keep and eye out for those. Thanks so much for reading the whole of my blogmas series I really appreciate it. Let me know if you have any video or post ideas in the comments below. Bye xx